Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning


Our window cleaning division delivers a range of window cleaning services including:

  • High buildings using the Reach & Wash pole fed system
  • Retail window cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

The ‘Reach & Wash’ water-fed pole system enables us to clean your windows from the ground, eliminating the use of ladders which provides for a safer environment for you and your clients. As our system filters the water through 5 stages of filtration, your windows and window frames are cleaned with pure water. As we don’t use detergents in this system, we avoid contamination of our environment and we don’t leave sticky grime on your windows which increases the length of time between cleans.

Our industrial cleaning teams are highly trained for the heavy duty nature of their work, including the following:

  • Safe use of hoists and Mobile Elevated Working Platforms(MEWP’s)
  • Harness training and safe working at heights
  • Ladder training
  • Sharp’s training
  • Safe use of pressure washers and how to manage safe storage/transport of fuel
  • How to carry out Risk Assessments, which are completed before EVERY JOB, EVERY DAY

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